Echoenia Underwater Harmonies of the Humpmback Whales Downloadable


All the funds raised from this campaign benefit Humpback Whale Scientific Research projects and Conservation efforts!

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In this Double CD we present to you a selection of Whale Songs recorded between January 2008 and March 2014 in Banderas bay, Mexico. After selecting the best recordings obtained we worked in the studio thoroughly to bring out the best clear sound possible and provide the listener a unique acoustical and musical experience. To enhance the listening experience we have added some soft ambient instrumention to the tracks of the volume 2 without altering the whale songs hoping you will find it unique and beautiful.
It is remarkable how whales use the acoustical properties of the ocean basins to enhance the resonance of their songs, sometimes like a choir inside a cathedral or a symphonic orchestra in a concert hall. Capturing the resulting Songs & Soundscapes in these recordings has made this a unique selection of harmonies.
This selection of whale songs will take you to the acoustical world of the Humpback Whales, you will note the changes of the songs over time, the wide spectrum of tones and arrangements they include in each song and the stunning resonance of the message they carry.
Dive into it!

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