About Us

“Dedicated to the preservation of marine life and ecosystems impacted by human activity. We focus on using education and technology to protect and preserve our oceanic heritage for future generations.”

Our Objectives.

Deep Blue Conservancy, Inc. was formed as a U.S. 501(c)3 corporation so that we are able to apply for corporate grants opportunities and accept tax-deductible contributions from other like-minded individuals.

These tax-deductible grants and individual contributions allow us to continue our research, the results of which are ultimately transformed into educational programs and marine and coastal conservation efforts.

Tax Deductible Contributions

Please consider the options available for making your tax-deductible contribution to help us continue our research studies. Your generous financial support is greatly appreciated.


We appreciate your support for the ongoing task to integrate three perspectives of documentation in order to study whales and the welfare of the Ocean habitat, these are the Aerial, Sea surface and Underwater perspectives.